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American DJ Interview: Meet The DJ: Lady Kate

Californian DJ Lady Kate is a DJ, turntablist and producer who has spent many years honing her craft and paying her dues as a club and radio DJ. Now enjoying success producing electronic dance music that sits towards the heavier side of the genre, she regularly plays headlining sets at clubs and festivals across the USA and around the world, as well as holding the position of the official DJ of the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team.

Throughout school she was part of the band, learning to play violin, piano and clarinet. It was also at very young age, just 11, when Kate first started to learn to mix with vinyl and it didn’t take long for her to secure her first residency.

“Pay your dues and you’ll get paid. It may take longer doing things the right way, but once you get there, your experience and street smarts will help you grow, and save you from making the wrong decisions or deals.” – Lady Kate. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

Written By: LK